Welcome to the Coroners Court of Anguilla

The Coroners Court of Anguilla is located at the Judicial Complex in the Valley where the Magistrates courts are housed. This is where all Coroner’s inquests are held. The function of the Coroner’s Court is to hold judicial enquiries into all deaths occurring on Anguilla that are sudden and unexplained, the cause of which is unknown and the circumstances surrounding which are suspicious.
The Judicial enquiry process is to ensure that other deaths do not occur in like manner that can possibly be prevented. The court is committed to serving the people of Anguilla and visitors alike by discharging its duty in a sensitive, courteous and professional manner.
In discharging its duty the court is mindful at all times to show utmost respect for:

  • the dignity of the person who has died
  • the family and friends of the deceased person
  • the coronial process which seeks to assist family and friends in understanding what happened and why.

This website will help you become familiar with the role of the Coroners and the function of the Court of Anguilla and provide some vital information on what to expect in a Coroner’s inquest in Anguilla.